Packaging Company for the
Pharmaceutical Industry

Interpack S.p.A., with it’s headquarters in Pomezia in the province of Rome, is a graphics based paper products and processing company specialized in the production of packaging materials for the pharmaceutical industry (cartons and cardboard boxes, illustrated leaflets, exhibit displays and FSC ® certified products on request).


Interpack S.p.A.

About us

Interpack was founded in 1965 in the city of Rome and, over the years, has established itself as one of the main paper processing firms in the territory, moving its production structure several times to accommodate its dimentional growth until reaching its present headquarters in Pomezia, where Interpack secures an area of more than 30,000 square metres, of which 6,700 is covered and intended for industrial manufacturing.

In more than 50 years of activity the company has faced many changes, both structural and technological, but it has never lost the enthusiasm and constant commitment to deliver a quality product.

Our strengths

The paper processing solution
for pharmaceutical packaging

  • High degree of specialisation resulting from our presence on the market for over 50 years
  • Constant technological updating
  • Verticalization in the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical industry. A sectoral specialisation rooted in time that allows us to also offer a consultancy service to our clients, guiding them from basic idea to the development and delivery of the finished product
  • Maximum flexibility in rescheduling production to respond to any urgent needs of the customer
  • Third-party warehouse: a product stocking service for our customers who have problems with limited warehouse space

These characteristics make Interpack S.p.A a major player in the pharmaceutical packaging sector.

Product development
from prepress
to stamping

Interpack S.p.A. manages and integrates all stages of the production cycle:

  • Pre-press and samples
  • Printing (offset, screen printing, UV varnish)
  • Die cutting (braille pads)
  • Folding and gluing
  • Carton overprinting
  • Stamping
  • Shipping
  • Third-party deposit/warehouse possibility


Some stages
of development

Elaborazione Grafica
In produzione
Produzione Interpack

Interpack S.p.A.

Our quality is guaranteed

The company considers it strategically crucial to operate in accordance with the principles relating to quality as part of manufacturing.

To guarantee highest quality standards Interpack Spa’s manufacturing processes are constantly subjected to quality control, having obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification since 1999.

In 2011 Interpack S.p.A. has obtained FSC® certification (a voluntary certification system operating at an international level and specific to the forestry sector). Achieving this certification provides our customers with the guarantee of the caring attention that the company has in the selection of raw materials and manufacturing of products.


Contact Us

Phone: (+39) 06 – 9162491
Address: Via Nicaragua, 7 – 00071 Pomezia (RM)