Interpack spa

Discover the company and its history

The Company

Interpack S.p.A, with it’s headquarters in Pomezia in the province of Rome, is a graphics paper processing company specialized in the production of packaging materials for the pharmaceutical industry:  cartons and cardboard boxes, illustrated leaflets, exhibit displays etc.

The more than 10 years of ‘know-how’, a strong orientation to problem solving, the meticulous attention to the needs of the client and the high level of staff specialization resulting from continuous training and updating of tecnology make our Company an important player in the field of pharmaceutical packaging.

Interpack’s history

Present on the market since 1965, Interpack S.p.A has been placed right away as an important productive reality. In fact, after a few years constant growth led the company to move in the municipality of Pomezia where in the 70 ‘s it was developing into a new industrial conglomerate.

Responding to new and increased production requirements, in 1986 Interpack decided to purchase a new and larger warehouse, where the company’s manufacturing facility is still active, built on a plot of more than 30,000 square meters, of which 6,700 square meters  is covered (2,400 square meters of warehouse space and 4,100 square meters of production space).

The production cycle

Interpack S.p.A. internally manages and integrates all stages of the production cycle.

This allows the company to better meet customer needs by never interrupting its operations, but intervening within the operating cycle in a personalized and direct way. This feature plays a key role in guaranteeing a high degree of flexibility of production, reprogramming so that it can better manage urgent orders, without ever affecting the quality of the final product.

Latest generation technical instruments combined with a proven experience derived from over 50 years of activity allow us to kick off rapidly to a production cycle that (from the time of order) follow the steps shown below:

– Pre-press and samples
– Printing (offset, screen printing, UV varnish)
– Die cutting (braille pads)
– Folding and gluing
– Carton overprinting
– Stamping
– Shipping
– Possible third-party deposit/warehouse