Guarantee to customers and thoughtful attention in the manufaction of products.

The quality system is the set of resources that a company provides and the activities it implements to guarantee the achievement of what has been predetermined. In fact, materials, projects, processes and behaviours contribute to maintain a determined level of product quality, which ultimately constitutes the final analysis of the company.

Quality and certifications

Interpack S.p.A believes that the principles of quality are an essential way to manage, control and govern the company more successfully. It is also convinced of the strategic value that quality and reliability have both in the manufacture of the product and in the company’s organization.

For this reason Interpack S.p.A. has long embraced a policy of sharing and involvement of targeted personnel to receive and evaluate proposals for improvement. In addition, the company is constantly investing in the training of individual resources aimed at enhancing their operation in terms of quality and production.

That’s why you have a strong advantage in a simple streamlined, yet dynamic organization that has developed (thanks to the extensive experience of human resources) in specific sectors in which they operate.

These are the motivational reasons that prompted Interpack S.p.a. to introduce, certify and actively maintain its Quality Assurance System in compliance with standard UNI EN ISO 9001, which tends continuously to the improvement of working methods and the control of all business processes.

These prerogatives allow for further growth and affirmation in a market where these attributes will be complemented by constant product and corporate quality improvement, while maintaining a relationship of notable dynamism with customers by ensuring competence, solidity and efficiency.


Since 2011 Interpack S.p.A has obtained FSC® certification (a voluntary certification system operating at an international level and specific to the forestry sector). As a consequence, the products marked with the FSC® trademark are certified as coming from forests that respect the principles and criteria of good forest management recognised at an international level. In this sense, the FSC® certification guarantees clients the attention that the company has consistently paid in the careful selection of raw materials (paper and cardboard) and in the manufacture of its products.